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Young Braves fan from Charleston gifted home run ball by Phillies fan in touching moment

Charleston's Landon Hall [R], age 10, was the young Braves fan seen in a now viral video from the April 9 Atlanta Braves vs. Philadelphia Phillies game in Atlanta, where 14-year-old Joshua Scott, a Phillies fan, got his hands on a home run ball from Braves' star Freddie Freeman. Instead of keeping the ball himself, Scott gifted the ball to Hall. (Photo provided)

An awesome, tear-jerking moment in Atlanta last week saw a young Philadelphia Phillies fan end up with the ball after Braves' first baseman Freddie Freeman hit a home run. Instead of keeping the ball, the Phillies fan found a young Braves fan wearing a Freddie Freeman jersey, and gave him the baseball instead.

Little did the two boys know, but video of that friendly gesture was about to go viral, and touch the hearts of millions.

It brings to mind that famous line from the movie Moneyball. “How can you not be romantic about baseball,” wonders Brad Pitt, playing the role of Oakland A’s general manager Billy Beane. That line, it just holds up. You think you’ve seen it all, but the game of baseball always gives you something more.

The Phillies fan was 14-year-old Joshua Scott, of Charlotte. 10-year-old Landon Hall, of Charleston, was the Braves fan shown in the video.

“I was going to talk to (Scott), tell him it’s pretty much over now, and he goes and gives me the ball," said Hall, a fourth-grader at St. Andrew’s Math and Science in West Ashley. "I’m like, 'Oh, this is amazing!' I go to my dad, and say, 'Whoa, you see this? It's a Freddie Freeman home run ball and Josh gave it to me!"

Braves play-by-play television announcers Chip Caray and Jeff Francoeur gushed over the exchange during the broadcast, and the TV crew replayed it several times for the live audience.

Video of the encounter quickly made it to social media, and was viral by the time Hall and his father got home.

"We were just getting back and pulled in the driveway, and my Dad shows me a video on TikTok and one on YouTube," Hall recalls. "I was like, 'Whoa, me and Josh are famous!'"

Hall walked away with one heck of a memory from his first major league baseball game, and a spring break trip to see his favorite team and player.

Hall is back to being a normal kid. He’s at Little League practice tonight. He’s got his Braves hat and Freddie Freeman jersey. He’s emulating his favorite player. He’s hoping one day, he’ll hit one out and provide a once in a lifetime memento, just like he now has.

As for Joshua Scott, the Braves and Phillies rewarded his act of kindness by having stars Freddie Freeman and Bryce Harper sign another baseball, which Freeman personally delivered to Scott the next day.