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Changes coming for College of Charleston stadium, new home for The Battery

Ralph Lundy Field (WICV).JPG
Ralph Lundy Field (WICV).JPG

A new era for Lowcountry soccer is coming to the Lowcountry. Two teams are coming together to achieve the same goal. The Charleston Battery has been sold to a new owner and is now going to be at a different location.

The team is heading to Mount Pleasant, from their original MUSC Health Stadium spot on Daniel Island, and sharing the same space with College of Charleston soccer at Patriots Point Stadium. New owner Rob Salvatore said it’s been a few years in the making.

“A couple of years ago, we started looking into it. When it became real was just about a year ago. We really started to realize the opportunity,” said Salvatore.

Salvatore said this new opportunity is about a new vision for both teams.

“We want to create I would say, I would describe this way, a very intimate environment. That’s loud and gives us home field advantage but it is a great place for people to come,” said Salvatore.

Adding, changes would need to be made for a growing fan base.

“We obviously have to get the capacity up. That’s the requirement of the soccer federation. But I’m really excited, one because I think it’s worth saying that it comes to be because of the College of Charleston and what they did to make this happen,” said Salvatore.

The College of Charleston Athletic Director said these changes are coming at the right time. He said this will be a way to enhance their team and Patriots Point.

“A part of our role in being in the college in the middle of the Lowcountry is giving back to the community and engagement opportunities,” said Athletic Director Matt Roberts.

The Battery will start playing at Patriots Point beginning in 2020.