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VIDEO: Armadillo caught on camera swimming at Texas lake in rare sighting

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An armadillo was caught on camera swimming at Texas' Inks Lake State Park in July 2020. (Courtesy of Park Host Kacey via Inks Lake State Park - Texas Parks and Wildlife)

BURNET COUNTY, Texas (SBG) — An unusual sight was caught on camera in Texas.

An armadillo was seen swimming at Inks Lake State Park, with Texas park officials calling it "something you don't see every day."

According to officials at the state park, armadillos love to swim and can even hold their breath for four to six minutes.

"Did you know that armadillos love to swim? Because of their heavy shells, they don’t float well, but they can gulp air into their intestines, making them more buoyant. They can dog-paddle at the surface, or walk along the bottom of streams or ponds, holding their breath for 4-6 minutes!" staff with the Inks Lake State Park posted on their Facebook page.

The video, captured by Park Host Kacey, shows nearly 10 seconds of the armadillo's great adventure.