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Khris Middleton, Aaron Nesmith return to Charleston roots

Khris Middleton, Aaron Nesmith return to Charleston roots. (WCIV)
Khris Middleton, Aaron Nesmith return to Charleston roots. (WCIV)

Porter-Gaud grads Khris Middleton and Aaron Nesmith have done a million and one things since playing in the Roundball Classic here in Charleston.

It doesn’t mean they’ve forgotten about it, especially since their former coach John Pearson and mentor Antoine Saunders are getting the classic back together.

“For sure, anything those guys ask me to do, I got to do it, they found me so far in my career since HS, anything they need, they know I’m here for him," said Middleton, who is coming off one heck of a summer.

An NBA Championship, an Olympic Gold Medal, and a brand new baby boy.

Boy, has life changed.

“Changed a lot for the better, keep working, keep praying for more. It is a blessing, to leave as quick as I did, but to get back home and spend time with him and get to know him and also my daughter is what meant most to me over the summer," he said.

How cool for Middleton to celebrate these, the greatest moments of his professional life with those closest to him. You better believe Antoine Saunders and John Pearson were going to be in Milwaukee to see the Bucks win it all.

“It was definitely a fun night for everybody involved- so happy they were able to make it, JP, my folks, a lot of supporting family in Charleston. Fun to see them celebrate and enjoy the night with us all," said Middleton.

Amazing to think, a season that ended with a Porter-Gaud contingent on an NBA floor, started, with one as well.

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“He was in NBA when I was in middle school. First he drives me to make NBA. I finally make it to NBA he gotta win a ring and a gold medal to one up me again, more to strive to and look up to so that’s now on the bucket list," said Nesmith, who just wrapped up his rookie season with the Boston Celtics.

A season that took off late, Nesmith showing what he can do. A lethal shooter, an outstanding scorer, and more than capable on the defensive end.

“It was a lot of fun, travel was a lot of fun, seeing places I’ve never been before learning from a bunch of guys I’ve looked up to my whole life. Experience definitely took the lessons I learned with me during summer, improved what I needed to improve on, so this upcoming season I can play a role best of my ability to help my team win games," Nesmith said.

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The thing they look forward to now, bringing Porter-Gaud grad Josiah-Jordan James along for this NBA ride down the line.

“Think about all the time, we talk about it all the time, he has to handle business at Tennessee and come up to the league and join me and Khris' something we’ve talked about since we’re little so I can’t wait for it to happen," said Nesmith.

The Roundball Rouser, better book a tee time for three.