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ABC News 4 creates Election Hotline

ABC News 4 Election Hotline:  (843) 350-6819
ABC News 4 Election Hotline: (843) 350-6819

ABC News 4 is always Working 4 You, and with the upcoming election's importance, we're doing our part to ensure accountability and voter confidence at the polls.

In that spirit, we've created an Election Hotline. The number is (843) 350-6819.

If you've seen voting irregularities, been denied access to cast your ballot, waited in extremely long lines, or if you simply need help getting an answer to an election question, we're here to help.

The number again is (843) 350-6819. Call and leave a voice message on the answering service, or you can send a text message that includes photos or videos documenting the issue you faced.

Message and data rates may apply.