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Joe Biden 1-on-1 ahead of South Carolina primary | WATCH

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Is South Carolina do or die for Joe Biden? (WCIV)

Is South Carolina do or die for Joe Biden?

After leaving New Hampshire before results were revealed for the Democratic primary and losing Iowa, is his presidential campaign on life support?

He held a rally in Columbia on Tuesday night.

ABC News 4's Angela Brown was the only Charleston reporter to get a one-on-one interview with the former vice president.

Biden's pitch to supporters was that he could beat President Trump.

So far, he is not winning over many Democratic voters.

We asked him why he is not connecting with these people.

“We feel good about [it]. We’re going from here to Nevada. We feel good there too and the polling data we’ve seen, on average, we’re way ahead,” he said.

In South Carolina, Biden is still leading.

An average of polls from RealClearPolitics gives him the edge, but Tom Steyer is closing that gap.

In addition, what seemed like insurmountable support with the African American community for Biden may be showing some cracks.

A Quinnipiac Poll showed Biden's support among African American voters is dropping across the country.

"Our polling shows us in very good shape. I’ve been coming to South Carolina for over 30 years. I came down here with Fritz Hollings and campaigned for a lot of folks, and I got a lot of endorsements here and the folks here in the African American community knows me, and we feel good,” Biden said.

The former vice president said the key to winning the Democratic nomination, and even the presidency, is winning over brown and black voters.

He kept hammering away at the fact that only two states voted.

In response to Biden's visit on Tuesday, the South Carolina GOP issued a statement, which read:

“After watching Joe Biden get blown out in both Iowa and New Hampshire, we are excited to welcome him back to the Palmetto State. While it’s an interesting strategy to already be overlooking Nevada, we understand that his severe lack of support and voter enthusiasm across the country led his team to get a little desperate.

We’ll see if he gets his mojo back here in South Carolina as he campaigns with his friend and top surrogate, Dick Harpootlian.“

The South Carolina Democratic primary is set for Feb. 29.