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Eric's Heroes: Chasing the devil amid the COVID-19 outbreak in Kirkland

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Eric's Heroes: Chasing the devil (KOMO News){ }

KIRKLAND, Wash. -- For weeks, the eyes of the entire nation have been focused on Life Care Center of Kirkland.

People started dying there in the last days of February before anyone even knew that COVID-19 had landed there like a bomb, in Kirkland of all places.

The facility was placed in lock down. The halls were emptied. Workers became sick. And scared.

And people were dying.

Lots of people: 37 to date and over 130 deaths have been logged around Washington state so far.

Life Care Center wasn't prepared for what happened. How could they have been?

And through it all, within the walls of Life Care Center, in the eye of the hurricane, with sickness and death all around, the nurses kept showing up for work.

This, in their own words, is their story. This is what it was like.

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