Olympian Gabby Douglas mentors girls, raises money for charity in Goose Creek

Gabby Douglas (WCIV)

An Olympic gold medalist visited the Lowcountry on Wednesday.

Gabby Douglas focused on helping girls achieve their dreams while raising money for an important cause.

More than a hundred little girls chanted "Gabby! Gabby! Gabby!" inside Goose Creek’s activity center.

It was a warm welcome for a star of the gymnastics world. The all-around Olympic gold medalist spent time with young gymnasts. Her visit was part of a fundraising event for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

"I think it means a lot. Especially people who are overcoming breast cancer. And for the kids to be able to raise so much money is just so amazing," Douglas said.

Little girls with big dreams practiced their skills as a world champion critiqued their posture, poise, and performance.

"I think this means so much to them. And I just remember being in their shoes when I looked up to my role models and it’s just really a huge honor," explained Douglas.

The event marks a milestone in efforts for these future athletes to raise money for a worthwhile cause.

"My Dad got his like manager to give us like a lot of money for it,” laughed Lily McLaughlin, one of the young gymnasts who attended the event.

Grins and giggles from little girls brought a lighthearted moment for a serious discussion on how gymnastics coordinators decided who should benefit from the fundraiser.

"I had an overwhelming pouring of emails saying definitely Breast Cancer Research Foundation to where I had to stop. There were so many emails and stories. It was very heartwarming," said Stacey Croston, Goose Creek’s gymnastics coordinator.

She’s also a cancer survivor. Croston hopes these lessons will serve young gymnasts for years to come.

Organizers say the gymnasts, coaches, and parents raised more than $50,000 dollars.