Miller's Bike: Boy gets special new wheels thanks to CofC softball team

Miller 9.png
Miller David (WCIV)

It's all about give and take for the College of Charleston’s softball team. This week the team took some time away from practice, and gave it to a young man so deserving.

But the Cougars took so much more from it than they are giving.

At five years old, Miller David, like most boys his age, loves playing ball, and even getting a little dirty.

Miller's most favorite thing is playing outside with his brother. But up until this week, Miller needed a wheelchair to do it.

“That's how we live our life,” Miller’s mother said Thursday. “Nothing is off limits. He can do what he wants. We make it adaptable. We get him outside with his brother.”

Little brother, he's great, but an afternoon at Patriots Point with some pretty girls? That's special. It might even make Miller's Top 10 list of sweet things.

“One of them gave me peanut M&Ms. I haven’t had them in a while, but they're like my tenth favorite,” Miller says.

Miller accepted an invitation to visit the team at their practice field Thursday, and the Cougars had quite a surprise for him.

Thanks to help from a Columbus, Ohio-based organization called Christopher's Promise, the team was able to gift Miller a specially designed, hand-powered bike that will allow him to broaden the horizons of his outdoor adventures.

“They were like gathered up, and I didn't even know they were hiding something!” Miller said, still surprised and giddy after getting his gift.

“I saw his face, it just lit up,” CofC coach Linda Kalafatis said.

The bike is outfitted with a flag, which the team signed, giving Miller a constant reminder of the gift, and his new friends and teammates. For the Cougars, it was a moment that will leave a lasting impression, too.

“To see his face light up, to hear my players, how much it meant to them, they're going to remember this,” Kalafatis said. “Without the team, it's just a bike, but with the team, it's truly a gift.”

As for Miller, the ear-to-ear smile he couldn’t take off his face after getting his bike was a gift to all.