VIDEO | Bagpiper plays funeral dirge for 'the Jeep' on Myrtle Beach

Bagpiper plays for 'the Jeep' on Myrtle Beach (Timothy Kipp).PNG
Bagpiper plays for 'the Jeep' on Myrtle Beach (Timothy Kipp).

A bagpiper was recorded playing a funeral dirge for 'the Jeep,' an SUV that has gone viral after getting stuck on Myrtle Beach as the ocean and Hurricane Dorian approached.

Myrtle Beach Police tell WPDE they were notified about the stuck vehicle this morning. Authorities found the car locked and abandoned on the beach but because of weather conditions, it was not safe to remove the vehicle until Friday morning.

"The Jeep" has transfixed many following Hurricane Dorian as it batters the east coast.

Some even jokingly put the SUV "for sale" on the Facebook marketplace.