Couple finds Civil War cannonballs on Folly Beach after Hurricane Dorian

Civil War Cannonball found on Folyl Beach (Provided).PNG
Couple finds Civil War cannonballs on Folly Beach after Hurricane Dorian (Provided)

FOLLY BEACH, S.C. (WCIV) - A couple that went to Folly Beach to see what Hurricane Dorian washed up this weekend were surprised when they found artifacts from the Civil War.

The Summerville couple who found the cannonballs say they weren't sure what the mysterious items were at first.

“When we first found the one my girlfriend thought it was a rock actually," Aaron Lattin says. “I thought it was rock, but when I started to dig around it, it was very round.”

“We were kind of joking around like maybe it’s a cannonball or a sea mine or something like that,” the Summerville man said.

But after a few google searches, the couple was pretty sure what they found was, in fact, a cannonball from the Civil War.

“We knew where it was at and we came back the next day and we found the larger cannonball tucked away in the brush, and that’s when we contacted authorities," Lattin says. “When the military got here, that’s when they confirmed it was definitely a Civil War cannonballs. They took those and made sure they weren’t live."

The couple found the historic relics on the shore across from the Morris Island lighthouse, and it’s not the first time Civil War cannonballs washed up on Folly Beach. Sixteen were found in the very same spot after Hurricane Matthew.

“It makes me happy and emotional to be a part of the history,” Alba Ospina says.

“Right here, the whole Charleston area is exactly where the Civil War began, so to find something causes you to look back and realize what a big part of history that was. It's very exciting," Lattin says.