South Carolina deputies Facebook shame suspect who dropped phone while running

Shawn Hagan.jpg
Shawn Hagan (Berkeley County Sheriff's Office, Facebook)

In the age of social media, you quickly can become famous (or infamous) for all the wrong reasons.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office made that one man's reality Friday, after deputies say he ran away from them when facing arrest on drug charges.

Shawn Hagan, 30, is in jail at the Berkeley County Detention Center, facing charges related to drug possession and running from law enforcement.

Hagan was arrested Saturday, Dec. 29, after initially avoiding deputies looking to arrest him the prior day.

The Berkeley County Sheriff's Office says Hagan ran when confronted by deputies, and while running, he dropped his phone.

Deputies on the scene apparently used the phone to access Hagan's Facebook page, where they left a message for him.

BCSO set Hagan's Facebook status to read, "Hi Shawn, you lost your phone while running from the police. Contact Berkeley County Sheriff's Office if you want it back."

The sheriff's office shared its antics on its own Facebook page, garnering thousands of reactions from Facebook users.

Hagan's exact charges have not been disclosed on the Berkeley County Detention Center website.