Woman arrested trying to smuggle cocaine, marijuana into Lieber prison

Sarah Fuller (Dorchester County Detention Center).jpg
Sarah Fuller (Dorchester County Detention Center)

A woman has been arrested on drug and conspiracy charges after trying to smuggle contraband into Lieber Correctional Institution in Dorchester County, according to state prison officials.

S.C. Dept. of Corrections Police Services arrested Sarah E. Fuller on Saturday, May 5, after she was found attempting to bring marijuana and cocaine into Lieber, corrections officials said in a news release.

The DOC says Fuller was arrested after guards witnessed her passing a cylindrical object wrapped in black electrical tape to inmate Shane Washington during visitation. Authorities say the cylinder contained 36 grams of cocaine.

A search of Fuller's person also yielded 4 sheets of tobacco rolling papers and 20 grams of marijuana, the DOC says.

Fuller is charged with trafficking cocaine, criminal conspiracy, attempting to provide a prisoner with contraband, and drug possession with intent to distribute.