Vandals start fire at Charleston Miracle League playground, police say

Charleston Miracle League vandalism 2.jpg
Charleston Miracle League vandalism (WCIV)

A Charleston group that provides recreational opportunities to special needs children has been the target of vandals several times recently, including an apparent arson attempt this week.

The Charleston Miracle League says someone set fire Wednesday to a tarp the sits above playground equipment at its park on Playground Road in the Maryville-Ashleyville neighborhood in West Ashley.

The group also says the facility was shot with paint balls, similar to other recent vandalism reports in the Maryville-Ashleyville community.

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According to those with the Miracle League, bathroom doors at the park also were burned in recent weeks.

"It is unfortunate that we have to concern ourselves with such things, but we will not let it deter us from providing an enjoyable experience for our players and their families," the Charleston Miracle League said on its Facebook page Wednesday.

Wednesday's incident happened around 6:30 p.m., according to Charleston Police. The burning tarp caused about $900 worth of damage, police say.

The case remains under investigation. Police say they intend to increase patrols in the area.