Summerville student accused of threatening to shoot up school: 'I was talking out my butt'

Summerville High (1).png
Summerville High (File/WCIV)

A 10th grader at Summerville High School has been charged with unlawful communication after the student reportedly threatened “shooting the school up” in social media posts.

According to Summerville Police, officials were made aware Tuesday of the threats, in which the student talked about bringing “Uzi’s and Glock 23s to school.”

The 10th grader told police he made the posts in response to a senior who threatened “bashing his head in on the window of a bus,” according to police.

Additionally, police say the 10th grader talked about coming to school in a ski mask, and making sure he didn't get caught by not leaving any evidence and waiting until he had a “crew” with him.

The student reportedly told police he did not mean what he said, and was “talking out my butt” when he posted the threats on Facebook.

When asked specifically if he wanted to "shoot up" the school or was going to "shoot up" the school, police say the student told them he did not, and knew it could ruin his chances of a job or furthering his education in the future.

School officials told police Tuesday they were already in the process of taking disciplinary action against the student.