South Carolina inmates light fire in prison to protest treatment

Kershaw prison fire (Stillframe from provided video).jpg
Kershaw prison fire (Stillframe from provided video)

Video provided to ABC News 4 shows a fire burning inside a South Carolina prison, reportedly started by inmates.

South Carolina Department of Corrections officials confirm inmates at Kershaw Correctional Institution started a fire Sunday using paper.

In a video reported to be of the incident, flames can be seen from a pile of paper on the floor in a large multi-story building.

An unidentified man claiming to be a prisoner of Kershaw Correctional narrates the video, saying inmates started the fire in protest.

Among the grievances the man claims inmates have are that they are repeatedly served cold food, and have been on lockdown for several months.

Prison officials say crews quickly responded to put out the fire, and no inmates or staff were injured.