South Carolina couple accused of killing teen, dismembering and burning body

Suspects in case of teen found dismembered, Lancaster County, S.C. (CNN).png
Suspects in case of teen found dismembered, Lancaster County, S.C. (CNN)

Authorities say they have arrested a man who killed his roommate, dismembered him and tried to burn some of the remains at his South Carolina home.

Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile said Friday that 18-year-old Austin Steele's torso was found buried, while a skull was found nearby and bones were inside a barrel, burned.

Faile says 30-year-old Christopher Holford shot Steele in the neck about four weeks ago. The sheriff says Steele survived for several hours, but Holford did not get medical help.

The sheriff says his investigators don't know why Holford killed Steele, who lived with him and his wife.

Holford's wife is charged as accessory after the fact. Faile says she helped him dismember the body.

Steele hadn't been seen for several weeks before his dismembered and burned body was found Thursday in Lancaster County.

Peggy Rape, Steele's caretaker of five years, tells The State newspaper the young man would often disappear for weeks at a time, and sometimes took trips to the beach.

Rape says Steele had moved in with Holford and Holford's wife two months ago.

Police say Holford also is charged with failing to register as a sex offender.