Police: Combative patient shot Roper hospital worker with stun gun

Kyle Cahill (Charleston County Detention Center).jpg
Kyle Cahill (Charleston County Detention Center)

A combative patient at the Roper St. Francis emergency room over the weekend took an electric stun gun away from a security guard and fired it, hitting a hospital worker in the foot, according to police reports.

Kyle Cahill, 29, is charged with third degree assault and battery after Charleston Police say he fought with several Roper St. Francis medical and security staff members Saturday night, June 8.

Police say hospital workers were trying to restrain Cahill for attempting to fight someone, when things turned ugly.

Witnesses told police Cahill struggled violently, swinging his arms and spitting at workers.

During the struggle, Cahill was able to take a security officer's electric stun gun from its holster, and fire it.

One of the weapon's electrified prongs lodged into the foot of a female hospital worker.

Police say Cahill went on to bite another female worker's arm.

Cahill was ordered to undergo a mental evaluation, and later was arrested, police say.

Jail records show Cahill has been arrested 11 times in Charleston County, dating to August 2017.

Of those 11 arrests, 4 were for assault, and three were for disorderly conduct.

ABC News 4 is coordinating with Roper St. Francis to get additional information about the incident, the condition of the workers, and the hospital's response.