Judge orders release of SC political corruption report

South Carolina House Chamber (Getty Images via gnagel).jpg
House of Representatives Chamber in the South Carolina State Capitol building (Getty Images via gnagel)

A judge has ordered the release of a State Grand Jury report on political corruption in South Carolina.

Media outlets report judge Clifton Newman gave attorneys until Friday to offer their thoughts on information that should be redacted during a Wednesday hearing.

Solicitor David Pascoe had argued in favor of the report's release, saying the grand jury finished its two-year term in June and that the main suspects in the Statehouse corruption probe have been indicted.

Pascoe has said releasing the report is the best way to fight public corruption. He says it suggests specific actions the Legislature can make.

Four Republican lawmakers have pleaded guilty, although none served prison time. An attorney for one of those lawmakers, Rep. Rick Quinn Jr., had sought more time to review the report.