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Horry County officially named 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

Horry County officially named 2nd Amendment Sanctuary (FILE)

The Horry County Council held a virtual meeting Tuesday night and passed an ordinance that declares Horry County a sanctuary county for Second Amendment rights, according to the Horry County Council.

Council members approved the third and final reading on the ordinance, which makes the county an independent republic and protects the citizen's right to bear arms and ensures the county won't have to comply if state or federal government change laws.

The discussion began in early January when Steve Hoffman sent an email to members of Horry County Council asking them to sign a resolution he authored, declaring that they were in support of Horry County becoming a Second Amendment sanctuary.

Kershaw County is the first county in South Carolina to become a Second Amendment sanctuary and Councilman Al Allen said Horry County needs to follow in their footsteps and pass an ordinance declaring Horry County as one before it is too late.

“That’s what we need to show here, that our law-abiding citizens are waking up and sticking together to protect our constitutional rights. We are saying that we, as a county, will support the Second Amendment of the constitution and that we will not accept any efforts by any other government entity in order to change that or to weaken that," said Allen.

Allen wants the people to understand that the ordinance does not give anyone a right or encourage anyone to act irresponsibly. All it is saying is that they as a Council affirm their rights under the Second Amendment of the United States Constitution.

The ordinance will now go forward and be adopted by the county.