Goose Creek HS luring case spurs human trafficking probe by state investigators

Goose Creek High School (WCIV).png
Goose Creek High School (File / WCIV)

South Carolina’s Human Trafficking Task Force is investigating an incident at Goose Creek High School.

Berkeley County deputies say Bryan Singleton went on school grounds last week and tried to lure two young girls away.

Deputies say Singleton, 32, is a transient who lives in hotels, and had no business on school property last Tuesday, April 30.

The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office says they believe he targeted the two high school girls at random.

Berkeley County deputies have charged Singleton with 5 crimes in connection to the incident.

Those include two counts of enticing a minor child from attending a public school. Deputies say Singleton asked the students if they wanted "to make money."

He was also charged with trespassing on school grounds. Security cameras twice captured video of his car driving slowly on school property, according to the sheriff’s office.

Deputies say they believe he tried to approach another woman at a nearby CVS, as well, but they say it's much harder to press charges off school grounds.

That's where state luring laws need to be more specific, says Rep. Nancy Mace (R-Charleston).

“What I hear is the men who are attempting this are not being charged with a crime because South Carolina laws are extremely vague when it comes to luring,” Mace said Wednesday.

Mace says an anti-child luring bill she recently sponsored addressed this issued. The bill was inspired by Lowcountry families contacting her after luring incidents in their neighborhoods, Mace says.

House Bill 3064 didn’t make it out of the committee review process before the 2019 legislative session ended Thursday. Mace hopes there will be hearings on the anti-child luring bill in next year's legislative session.

Meanwhile, Singleton surrendered to investigators Tuesday, and appeared in bond court Tuesday night. He's since been released from jail after posting bond, which was set at $61,324.