Little Jack's Tavern a charming burger spot on Upper King

Little Jack's Tavern (Photo by: Kendrick Henderson)

Downtown Charleston has plenty of food options, but some may not know what hidden gems you can find on upper King Street.

I took a trip to Little Jack's Tavern to get a feel of the small, charming burger spot. It was recommended to me by word of mouth. The restaurant's website describes the spot as a "neighborhood restaurant and bar with all day service and timeless appeal."

Parking along side streets around the restaurant wasn't an issue so accessibility is good. I didn't even have to wait for a table on a busy Friday night.

Now let's get to the food. To start, I ordered the Garlic Knots for $7. The bread was pretty tasty, but the warm cheese fondue that came with it definitely hit the spot.

After that, I ordered a double burger with Garlic and Herbs Fries. The fries don't come with the burger, so keep that in mind when ordering. Both dishes hit the spot. If fact, I couldn't finish the burger because the serving was so big (it made the perfect midnight snack though).

The total of the burger and fries came out to about $26 dollars and it was well worth it. I like burger patties to be cooked to medium temperature and the chefs got it right. I was also told by a waiter that they'll accommodate any meat temperature so don't worry if you like your meat well-done. They'll hook you up.

So adding all the totals together I came out to about $33 .

Not a bad meal for a Friday night before hitting some bars and clubs.

'Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.' - Bethenny Frankel

Kendrick Henderson tours the Charleston area for ABC News 4, looking for great meals on a budget of $44. If you know a cool spot around the Lowcountry you want him to check out, send an email to, or tweet him: @trademarkme_).