Boeing bomb scare: man asked to call in fake emergency, made bomb threat instead

Devon Wigfall (L) and Jermaine Mustapher are charged with making bomb threats in connection with the bomb threat called into Boeing's North Charleston plant in September 2016. (Al Cannon Detention Center)

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) - Authorities have arrested a second man in connection with a fake bomb threat made against Boeing’s North Charleston plant last year.

Charleston County Aviation Authority Police say Devon Maurice Wigfall called in a bomb threat on behalf of Jermaine Mustapher on Sept. 22, 2016. Both have been arrested and charged with making bomb threats.

Mustapher was arrested Monday, April 17, in Berkeley County after a traffic stop showed he was wanted in connection to the Boeing threat.

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Wigfall was arrested Oct. 19, 2016. Investigators say Mustapher was a contracted plumber working on the Boeing site. Wigfall told investigators Mustapher asked him to call his supervisor and say there was an emergency and that Mustapher needed to leave early.

Instead, authorities say Wigfall told them he decided to call in a bomb threat. Boeing’s two main construction buildings were evacuated while police searched the area. No bomb was found.

Officials say Wigfall used a prepaid phone to call in the threat, and used the *67 feature to hide his number, thinking no one would be able to trace it back to him.

Police say they were able to get all the information they needed from Verizon, however. Phone records show Wifgall and Mustapher spoke on the phone four times the day the bomb threat was made.

Investigators say when they questioned Mustapher in October, he insisted Wigfall was only an acquaintance of his and did not have his phone number, so they could not have spoken, despite a detective presenting him a copy of phone records showing their conversations.

Mustapher was laid off from his contracted position at Boeing Oct. 19, the same day Wigfall was arrested. Wigfall was released from jail in March. Mustapher remains in jail.