3 Wando High students charged with assault by mob after attack during school

Wando High School.png
Wando High School (WCIV)

Mount Pleasant Police recently arrested three Wando High School students, and charged them with assault by mob following a reported attack on another student inside the school.

Police say the incident happened Friday, August 30, and was recorded on the school's security cameras.

The victim of the assault is seen on surveillance footage running down a hallway, the stopping and turning around. When the victim stopped, police say another student approached and started repeatedly punching the victim in the head until the victim ended up on the ground.

Once the victim was on the ground, the first attacker continued assaulting them, according to police. School resource officers say video shows two more students then joined the attack, continuing to strike the victim while they were on the ground.

Other students and staff intervened and broke up the fight, per police.

After the fight, a fifth student slapped a Wando employee on the arm while resisting being detained by a resource officer. That student was charged with third degree assault, police said.

All students involved in the incident were 15 or 16 years old, police said. Genders of the children were not provided by police.

In addition to charges they're facing, the students also are being punished by school administration, according to Mount Pleasant PD.