'Vicious Biscuit' in Mount Pleasant serving palate pleasing comfort food

An assortment of plates from Vicious Biscuit in Mount Pleasant. (WCIV).png
An assortment of plates from Vicious Biscuit in Mount Pleasant. (WCIV)

Nothing screams southern comfort like a giant biscuit topped with fried chicken and covered with maple sausage gravy. It's one of the many palate-pleasing dishes you'll find at Vicious Biscuit in Mount Pleasant.

Josh Lambert and George McLaughlin had a vision of opening a biscuit restaurant, but they couldn't find the right chef.

That's when they found Michael Greely, a local biscuit catering chef, who himself had hopes of opening a food truck.

It was a perfect team from the start. The owners of Vicious Biscuit say they aren't competing with other biscuit spots, because they bring something new and different to the area.

If you need an idea for Valentine's Day, Vicious Biscuit is serving up heart shaped biscuits.

You can also go high-end with the $100 "Say What?!" The dish includes a fancy bottle of champagne and two entrees of your choice.

The menu also includes lighter options like salad and yogurt.

Prices on biscuit entrees start at $7.

The restaurant is located on Coleman Boulevard. A new location in Nexton Place is opening in the Fall.

The owners hope to have fifty locations within five years.

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