Charleston, you can drink beer & eat girl scout cookies Monday at Frothy Beard Brewing Co.

Thin Mints and Beer (Getty Images).jpg
Thin Mints and Beer (Getty Images)

It's the Monday after Daylight Saving Time started. You're tired, and cranky. You deserve to treat yourself, and Frothy Beard Brewing Company is hosting an event that just might be perfect.

Monday, March 11, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Frothy Beard will be offering some of their signature house-brewed beers selectively paired with popular "Girl Scout" cookies.

Pairings include:

  • Samoas & Mermaids Milk
    Cookies coated with caramel, chocolate and toasted coconut, and a roasty, chocolaty, coconut milk stout (6.5% ABV).
  • Thin Mints & Back from the Dead
    Chocolate-coated, mint-flavored cookies, and a rich, malty porter (6.6% ABV).
  • Savannah Smiles & Dude Brah
    Lemon-flavored cookies coated with powdered sugar, and a hoppy west-coast IPA (7.1% ABV).
  • S'mores & Zapp Brownnigan
    Graham crackers stuffed with chocolate and marshmallow filling, and an English-style brown ale (5.1% ABV).

Please drink (and snack) responsibly.